Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday #14

On this rainy Thursday  is paramount that I hunt for things to be thankful for...

  1. A 2 hour visit and chit chat with other homeschool moms.
  2. Wearing jeans and a cozy sweater.
  3. Turquoise toes.
  4. Lime yogurt and raspberries.
  5. Night shift means Craig is home in the middle of the say for some parenting relief.
  6. Rain means forest fires aren't raging.
  7. A giant egg
  8. The nap waiting for me...
  9. Binge watching The Mindy Project on Netflix.
  10. Laundry fresh from the drier.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ten True Things About Me... At The Moment

I went for lunch with a friend today... she whose house I have gone to every week for like 12 weeks... but she spoke truly when she said "Tell me about you... We've hung out but I don't really know you"  I don't know how successful I was at revealing more of myself to her... so I thought this little list would be fun...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday- Exhale

I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker and a bunch of other brilliant bloggers for Five Minute Friday... 

Exhale... Is that the same thing as let it go?  Not the popular Disney song that is stuck in everyone's head... but actually releasing the stuff that really doesn't matter?

I want to recognize when I what I am stressing out about just isn't important... Like really... is my life going to change drastically if my floors are spotlessly clean?  Who cares if there is stuff on my living room table?

On the other hand doesn't minimizing give me room to breath?  To really relax and let out the air I have been holding in all day?  Perhaps I can create calm with routine... or just without the crap that piles up... go away... give me space... I need to exhale.
Five Minute Friday